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Due to the occasional overlap with the Wolves of Stone Ridge and the Kontra's Menagerie series, I've had a number of people ask what order to read the stories in for greatest enjoyment. I'm one of those who likes to read in order, too, so my best answer is to read in order of release date.

To help out, here is a list of the books in the order they were released. This list includes A Paranormal's Love, A Loving Nip, and Shifter's Regime series, which are more recent additions to the paranormal world.

While the new Beneath Aquatica's Waves series does take place in this same paranormal world, there is not crossover. They can be read at any time for a bit of marine life fun. For that reason, I have not included them on the Reading Order list.

WSR = Wolves of Stone Ridge

KM = Kontra's Menagerie

APL = A Paranormal's Love

ALN = A Loving Nip

SR = Shifter's Regime

Thanks for everyone's support & encouragement.

Happy reading!

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