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Print Anthologies Currently Available

Follow the link to find the book on Amazon or Bookdepository or email me directly for information on how to purchase an autographed copy!

Wolves of Stone Ridge Anthology One Includes:

Werewolf at the Zoo (Book 1)

Alpha's Prerogative (Book 2)

Accepting His Animal (Book 3)

Accepting His Human (Book 4)

Wolves of Stone Ridge Anthology Two Includes:

Finding Balance (Book 5)

Goading the Enforcer (Book 6)

Through Dagus's Eyes (Book 7)

Loving the Enemy (Book 8)

Kontra's Menagerie Anthology One Includes:

Mutegi's Sweet One (Book 1)

Catlin's Appaloosa (Book 2)

Hope for a Buffalo (Book 3)

Dominating the Wolf (Book 4)

Spider Sense (Book 5)

Or try (site boasts free delivery worldwide)

Some individual stories are available in Paperback on Amazon - Look at the individual page on my website - if they are available, I've posted the link...

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