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M/F, M/M, & menage stories that don't have a specific series...

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A Christmas Shifter Novella

With a Wishbone

A Christmas Shifter Novella

Dave Letrara is so tired of his family trying to set him up with every gay man they can find. His self-esteem just can’t take it anymore. When his best friend and cousin, Mick, presents him with a wishbone and orders him to make a wish, he can think of only one thing. Dave just wants his family to stop setting him up, to leave him alone about being single. Then, while out hiking, Dave gets trapped in a hole. To his surprise, he’s rescued by a young snow leopard shifter…who has a stunningly sexy father—Joseph Kluthner. To Dave’s surprise, Joseph declares his interest. Can Dave scrape together enough self-esteem to go after what he so desperately wants…the answer to his Christmas wish? Read an Excerpt

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Paranormal Gay Erotic Romance

Warming Up to the Ice Dragon

Mile High City Short Story Collection

Stefan Renaldo's ski trip to Steamboat Springs was supposed to be a fun vacation with friends. Instead, he ends up alone and injured on the mountain. Even as Stefan fears he's going to die of exposure, he sees something that must surely be the product of his pain-addled mind. A dragon. He wakes in a warm bed and being cared for by Kazeem, a sexy recluse. Needing surgery on his leg, he can't stay. In the hospital, Stefan hears from his friends how crazy possessive and aggressive his rescuer is. While fleeing seems like a good idea, why can't he get the mountain man out of his mind? Read an Excerpt

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Paranormal Gay Erotic Romance

Bringing Him Down to Earth

Part of the Spring Fever Anthology

Cory Porter takes the light rail to and from work on a daily basis. After making an extra stop so he can pick up food for an ailing friend, he’s approached by a stunningly handsome man—Benjamin Sturgis. Cory gives in to temptation and accepts a date from Benji. On his way to meet him at the restaurant, however, Cory sees what looks like a mugging gone wrong in an alley…and recognizes Benji right in the thick of things. Can Cory accept that things aren’t always what they seem, or will he cut Benji from his life…as well as the extraordinary implications it could offer him? Read an Excerpt

Now Available at eXtasy Books!

Paranormal Gay Erotic Romance

Melting his Fiery Heart

A Winter Magic Anthology Short Story

Riley Wisner is super excited for his holiday vacation at the family home of Benjamin Sturgis, his best friend's significant other. Loving the snow, he looks forward to ice fishing, sledding, and tubing. Plus, Ben is really a dragon, and he has several brothers. Riley can't wait to meet more dragons. So very cool! Meeting Dagskon Sturgis, Ben's brother, Riley gets more than he bargained for. The fire dragon is hawt...and hot-headed, claiming Riley is his mate and carrying him off...literally. While fun between the sheets is always welcome, Dagskon has pissed off the wrong people. Can Riley survive the fire when Dagskon's past actions bring danger to his vacation? Read More

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Capturing Autumn's Airy Breeze

An Autumn Feast Anthology Short Story

Agnoroth knew Kristof Merrill was his mate the second he scented him. Letting him go after holding him in his arms, even for a brief second, had been beyond difficult. Staying away from him for almost eight months to complete his penance to the king was damn near torture. Now Agnoroth is free to find and woo Kristof. His human is understandably wary, considering the first time they'd met Agnoroth had helped kidnap Kristof's friend. Even with the mate-pull on his side, Kristof resists. Can Agnoroth make up for his lapse in judgment and earn his mate's trust? Read More

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Crashing the Summer Barbeque

A Summer Heat Anthology Short Story

King Leortis is no fool. As soon as he notices how a group of human friends all mated with dragons, he’s interested. After all, he’s been looking for his mate for almost two thousand years. Leortis drops in on one of the dragons unannounced—Agnoroth—and crashes his barbeque. His keen insight pays off. When Leortis meets the human Cardin Robinson, he knows he’s the one. Unfortunately, the cute redhead is struggling with self-esteem after discovering his boyfriend cheating on him—soon to be ex, as far as Leortis is concerned. Between getting rid of a cheating boyfriend and dealing with unrest with his family, can Leortis woo his jaded mate and bring him home?  Read More

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Contemporary Gay Erotic Romance

Rainbow Courage

Carter's life is in upheaval. His ex-wife has passed away in a car accident, leaving him to care for his three year old son, Toby. This means a new home and a new job. Being attracted to Toby's daycare owner, Peter, is not part of the plan. He's listened to his father rant about queers for years, so Carter always figured coming out would cause more problems than it solved. But after sharing one passionate kiss with Peter, he can't stop thinking about the man. Can Carter find the courage to face the drama caused by coming out, stand up to his family, and go after his man?

Read an Excerpt

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Paranormal Erotic Horror - M/F

Mating Instinct

Sorry, humans, but you’re not the top of the food chain anymore.

Gavin’s a werewolf. A predator. And humans are prey, their flesh containing an enzyme werewolves need to survive. Each full moon, Gavin uses his supernatural strength, smell and hearing to create a methodical approach to hunting, which keeps him safe from being captured by the police. When he discovers his mate, a sex drive that’d gone dormant decades ago reawakens, distracting him and creating disastrous upheaval to his orderly life. Can Gavin not only seduce Brooke, the daughter of the profiler brought to town to hunt him, but convince her to accept her place as his werewolf mate? Read an Excerpt!

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Paranormal Romance - M/F

Tales of the Briny Nix:

Aquatic Attraction

Niall Karson is a Nixie prince, a merman, one of nearly a hundred sons of the king of the Briny Nix. He's sent to walk on dry land to ascertain the threat of an offshore oil drilling company looking for possible drilling sites in the ocean near his father's kingdom. Inside the lobby, Niall is nearly run over by Carlye Layton, who he discovers is not only the woman heading up the oceanology research for the company, she's his Adelfi Psychi, his soul mate. Unfortunately, he realizes that where Carlye's company plans to drill is far too close to his people's home for safety, and he must find a way to stop their plans. Can Niall figure out a way to win Carlye's heart and still save his people? Or will Carlye turn her back on him for using her for information? Excerpt

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Paranormal Erotic Menage

Blue Moon Mating

The actions of a wolf shifter gone rogue forces Ben Maxwell, the alpha of the Catskill Mountain wolf pack, to act on a vision of his mate quicker than he'd planned. He discovers that she'll be at an aerial acrobat performance several days before Halloween, which also coincides with the blue moon. Unable to attend himself, he sends his best friends and betas, Ben and Devon, to seek Sandy out. He knows he'll be sharing her with them and trusts them to care for her in his stead.

But Sandy is a human, and finding out that not only are shifters real, but that she's mated to not just one, but three of them, is a lot to take in. Can Ben and his betas convince her to accept her place at their side before the pheromones caused by a blue moon on Halloween draws every shifter in the area to her door, including the rogue wolf that would rather see her dead than in the arms of anyone else? Read an Excerpt

Available Now at Extasy Books!

Paranormal Gay Erotic Romance

Four Under the Mistletoe

Sequel to Blue Moon Mating

Rance Diallo, alpha of the Catskill Mountain cougar pride, knew the moment he heard Terence and Samson speak telepathically that he needed them for his betas. So sticking his neck out for them and asking charges of kidnapping against them be dropped by Ben Maxwell, the alpha of the nearby wolf pack, didn't seem like too big of a risk. It took Rance a while to realize the two men were also his mates and manage to convince Terence and Samson of that fact.

Rance successfully bonds with his new betas not a moment too soon, because the visions of his alpha-mate come fast and furious. But Paul is a human, and not just any human, he's the brother of the woman that Terence and Samson inadvertently helped kidnap a couple months ago. Convincing his newly bonded betas that the man who makes up the fourth to their pride's inner circle is so close may be the easy part, because they'll also need to persuade Ben to let the three cougars onto the wolf's territory to meet and court the human. And if they somehow manage that, they'll need to convince Paul, a widower with a three-year-old son, that there really are paranormal creatures in the world and that he's the mate of three male cougar shifters. But even if the human accepts them, will Rance's cougar pride? Read an Excerpt 

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