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Over the years, I've had a few short reads published on various blogs & other places. Here is a little information about them with links.

Happy Reading!

Reader Advisory!

The excerpts below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

Love at first sight? - a m/m short story - non-erotic

Sorry, the link above is no longer available. The story can be read Here.

Frankie's Birthday - A m/m Wolves of Stone Ridge Tale

Hacking the Assassin - A m/m Wolves in Stone Ridge Tale

Jared Templeton spent a good portion of his adult life as an assassin before going straight. Well, sort of straight. He did leave that line of work for a man, after all. Not just any man, though. Jared’s partner, Carson Angeni, is a wolf shifter. A man who can turn into that animal at will. He’s part of a whole pack of men who can do the same. Essentially, Jared traded one life of secrets for a whole different one, and he guards them jealously. When someone tampers with his computer, Jared goes on the hunt, fearing his past has finally caught up with him. Can Jared track down the perpetrator before whoever it is endangers those he cares about? Read Here

Mathias & Colton - A m/m Wolves of Stone Ridge Tale

Sorry, the link above is no longer available. The story can be read Here.

Underwater Secrets - A m/m Briny Nix tale

Written by Charlie Richards for the Love is Always Right event in 2012

Read the tale...

Love Potion - A m/f short story - non-erotic

Read the tale...

First Kill - A Jared tale - non-erotic

Read the tale...

Terence's Return to Kia - A m/f Gargoyle's of Cuchulian short tale - non-erotic

Read the tale...

His Draconic Leanings - A m/m tale set in the Wolves of Stone Ridge world

Read the tale...

The Photographer's Find - A m/m tale set Stone Ridge

Read the tale...

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