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Beneath the ocean's glassy surface is a beautiful world filled with exotic creatures. Meet them here in Beneath Aquatica's Waves - short tales of love, exploration, and acceptance.

M/M Paranormal Erotic Romance - This series takes place in the same world as my other paranormal series (Wolves of Stone Ridge, Kontra's Menagerie, etc.), however, currently there is no crossover.

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Backstroking with a Tiger Shark

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book One

Tortelion, Tort to his friends, is a tiger shark shifter. He spends his workdays awing human audiences with a few aquatic parlor tricks. To him, its a pretty good gig. Plus, the people who come to World of Aquatica learn about his kind...well, tiger sharks of the non-shifter variety, anyway. A day that starts the same as any other suddenly takes a turn for the better when a mishap sends two humans tumbling into his tank. Blood in the water tells Tort that one of them is his mate. Joining those taken tot he doc's office as a witness, Tort learns his mate is Kane Cornshun, a busy... Read More

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Floating with a Sea Cow

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Two

Tyrone has walked--or swam--the Earth a lot of years. Working with dozens of other marine shifters at World of Aquatica finally brings him close to others that are sort of his kind--they're shifters, anyway. He works security, seeing as he can't be in an exhibit because, technically, his kind are supposed to be extinct. When he spots a skinny human shoplifting, he catches him...and realizes the man--Braylon--is his mate. Tyrone convinces his boss and alpha not to call the police. Instead, they give Braylon hours cleaning the park as a sort of community service. Read More

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Diving with a Hammerhead

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Three

Solomon Lynch figured his decision to help his boss's son escape from under his dominating thumb would cost him his job. Instead, it nearly costs him his life. He's jumped and beaten in an alley, but Solomon has no delusion about who sent the men. He only lives because his ropes weren't tied tight enough, and he manages to escape the cinderblock that was meant to send him swimming with the fishes.

He doesn't remember much after that, but rousing in an unfamiliar place is a mixed blessing. Doctor Anthony Keller is hawt! Solomon realizes instantly that... Read More

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Wading with an Octopus

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Four

Over two weeks before, Detective Grisham Canton arrested the wrong guy--Solomon Lynch. It wasn't the first time it'd happened and probably wouldn't be the last. What made it stand out, however, was the stranger who'd been with Solomon. Grisham didn't know his name, but the memory of his lean, sexy body, wide dark eyes, and distinctive black and red hair invaded his dreams. Waking with a hard on was quickly getting old. Grisham heads to World of Aquatica, hoping to discover the stranger's identity. When Grisham meets Cuzco Judson, the attraction is even more intense... Read More

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Drifting with a Giant Squid

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Five

Captain John Casinov has two loves in his life--his family and his work. When his son, Jonathan, and the man's family visit from Santa Cruz--primarily to try to convince him to retire and move south--John takes advantage of one of his detective's offer. He accepts a bunch of free passes to the marine park, World of Aquatica. While there, he finds his interest snagged by a big, friendly, black-haired man. The handsome man brazenly introduces himself as William Roush...then he asks John on a date. While he's flattered, John laughs it off while declining. Undeterred, William approaches John a second time later that afternoon, so he accepts. Imagine his surprise when John discovers... Read More

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Surfing with a Seahorse

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Six

Colton Martinez is a seahorse shifter and lives a comfortable life at World of Aquatica, a shifter owned and operated marine park. When a number of others find their Fate-given mates, he doesn't give finding his own much thought--until he scents the most alluring aroma in a big, handsome human named Waylon Davison. Discovering his mate has a boyfriend doesn't deter Colton. Instead, he lifts Waylon's wallet and, with the help of friends, plans his strategy for wooing the man. After learning his human is disturbingly cowed by his boyfriend, Colton realizes Waylon has more to overcome than the shock of discovering that shifters exist. Read More

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Tangling with a Colossal Squid

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Seven

Arthur Nesky values control and order in his life. Imagine his frustration when he finds himself the focus of a stalker. After a close call, he visits a friend up north, hoping to get away from his pursuer and gain some perspective. Meeting a sexy man who lights up every nerve ending in Arthur's body is the epitome of bad timing. Then he finds out who Kaiser is...and the secrets he holds...making him wonder if he's jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Kaiser Roush is nearly three hundred years old, the alpha of his pod, and a successful business man. Over the years, he's learned the value of hard work, how to... Read More

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Chumming with a Great White

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Eight

Graham Canton's life has always revolved around his work as a Navy SEAL. When faulty Intel culminates in a mission going horribly wrong, he loses more than just part of his leg. He loses his identity. While Graham knows he should feel grateful he's returning home alive--after all, some on his team didn't--all he can think about is how life as he knows it is over. Then, living with his brother as he recovers, Graham meets Eban O'Gillie, and his life turns upside down all over again.

As a dominant great white shark shifter, Eban enjoys his role as head enforcer for his pod. His life at World of Aquatica, a marine park owned and operated mostly by aquatic shifters, couldn't be better. He loves helping his alpha and beta aid those under their care... Read More

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Snorkeling with a Saw-shark

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Nine

When Westram McKinley met Noah Redruvian, an uncouth offer for a roll in the hay has Noah painting him with the same brush as his ex-boyfriend—an unfaithful playboy. As a nearly two century old longnose saw-shark shifter, he did have plenty of experience, but nothing could have been further from the truth. Noah was his mate. Westram would never stray from the man. As weeks without his mate turn into months, Westram’s shark begins to pine, becoming increasingly volatile, only calmed with the help of his alpha, Kaiser. The continued updates about Noah from Kaiser’s mate, Arthur—who is good buddies with the man—also help keep Westram from losing his mind. When Arthur comes to Westram and shares that Noah hasn’t answered his call in two days, Westram doesn’t waste a second. He heads to Noah’s...  Read More

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Bobbing with a Giant Octopus

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Ten

Price Litner has been in and out of the military more times than he cares to remember. Every decade it becomes harder and harder to keep his vampire nature hidden. When too many unbelievable escapes drag his questionable nature into the light, Price knows he needs to find a safe place to lie low. He turns to the one man he can trust—ex-team member Graham Canton.

Even when Price learns Graham is living at a marine park with a bunch of shifters, he knows he has no choice. He has to put his life in the hands of other paranormals—something he hasn’t done in over one hundred fifty years. Still, Price trusts Graham, so he takes the chance.

One of the men who accompanies the shifter pod alpha when he comes to question Price—after all, he could be bringing trouble their way—is none other than his beloved—a giant octopus shifter named Dare Winterwall. Can......  Read More

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Parasailing with a Sea Lion

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Eleven

Ovram loves his job as the tech guy for World of Aquatica…usually. The only problem is that hiding behind a computer monitor doesn’t give him much of a chance to meet new people. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself drooling over a human even through his screen. Walking into the room the man had occupied reveals why—Sergeant Louis Ferrara is his mate. Too bad the soldier was at their marine park as part of an investigation into a vampire that their shifter pod was hiding—not that Louis knows Price is a vampire.

That means Ovram has to be patient, waiting until after the case is closed to approach Louis. It gives him time to research his human, discreetly delving into his history and military service. What Ovram finds leaves him confused about Fate’s thinking. They don’t have anything in common.   Read More

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Acrobatics with an Ammonite

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Twelve

Deckart Waldorf knows he’s not supposed to be swimming there, but he needs to get away. Sneaking onto the private beach seems like a good idea. His ex would never think to look for him there. After all, Deckart has always followed the letter of the law, in every area of his life. He’s never even had a parking ticket.

While snorkeling, Deckart spots what looks like the largest sea snail he’s ever seen. He figures it has to be almost five feet in diameter. Unable to help himself, he takes a closer look. Deckart swims around it and even touches the animal. After a few minutes, the beast reaches out to him, revealing tentacles that help it move swiftly, telling him it isn’t a snail.

Deckart has no idea what it is, but it doesn’t seem dangerous, joining him in playful acrobatics. When he tires and heads to shore, it follows…and turns into a man…a huge light-browned skinned man named Rawlins who claims they’re mates. Can Deckart come to grips with Rawlins’s nature before his ex tracks him down again?   Read More

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Submerging with a Sea Snake

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Thirteen

Kenny hates getting milked—the process where Doc Anthony eases his snake’s fangs through a thin lid covering a cup in order to collect his venom. Still, he knows it’s a necessary evil if he expects to live in a shifter pod. The doc needs it so he can always have anti-venom on hand, and since he used his last vial to save a human Kenny had bitten, he needs to make more.

Imagine Kenny’s surprise when, as Doc Anthony sinks his fangs through the paper, an amazing scent teases his senses. The distraction causes him to pop his head up, and he nearly stabs a fang into the doc. In the doc’s shock, he fumbles Kenny’s snake form, dropping him to the counter.

A set of hands Kenny doesn’t recognize grabs him. He struggles for an instant until he catches his new holder’s scent. Stilling, Kenny realizes the big human holding him with a firm and confident hand is his mate.   Read More

Available at eXtasy Books on December 31st!

Scuba Diving with a Sea Snake

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Fourteen

When Britt O’Connor’s targeted by a group of mercenaries for reasons unknown, he realizes it’s time to cash in a big favor. Britt heads to World of Aquatica. He knows that’s where his ex-SEAL buddy, Price, has secretly holed up after Britt helped him flee the military police. Britt also knows that Price isn’t human, and he could use a little of the man’s paranormal abilities right about then.

Getting there is easy. Getting inside and locating Price is a bit more difficult. Still, Britt manages it, only to discover that Price isn’t the only paranormal thing at the park. Vampires and shifters are real. In fact, not only does Price vouch for him, but Britt meets Gerard, a shifter who claims he’s the other half of his soul.

When Gerard scents Britt as he’s on his way to meet with Alpha Kaiser, he immediately recognizes him as his mate and follows him.   Read More

WIPs - Yes, these are subject to change...

Book 15 - Still Pending...

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