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Due to the occasional overlap with the Wolves of Stone Ridge and the Kontra's Menagerie series, I've had a number of people ask what order to read the stories in for greatest enjoyment. I'm one of those who likes to read in order, too, so my best answer is to read in order of release date.
To help out, here is a list of the books in the order they were released. This list includes A Paranormal's Love and A Loving Nip series, which are more recent additions to the paranormal world.
WSR = Wolves of Stone Ridge
KM = Kontra's Menagerie
APL = A Paranormal's Love
ALN = A Loving Nip
Thanks for everyone's support & encouragement.
Happy reading!
WSR - Werewolf at the Zoo
WSR - Alpha's Prerogative
WSR - Accepting His Animal
WSR - Accepting His Human
WSR - Finding Balance
WSR - Goading the Enforcer
WSR - Through Dagus's Eyes
KM - Mutegi's Sweet One
WSR - Loving the Enemy
KM - Catlin's Appaloosa
WSR - Casey's Love Bite
KM - Hope for a Buffalo
KM - Dominating the Wolf
WSR - The Wolf Biker's Mate
WSR - Kyle's Valiant Hunt
KM - Spider Sense
WSR - A Cajun in Colorado
WSR - Catching a Bit of Irish
KM - Swimming with Penguins
WSR - Gustav's Gargoyle Adventure
KM - Giving Perrin Life
WSR - Choosing His Christmas Miracle
KM - Silver-Tipped Justice
KM - In the Eyes of Crazy
APL - Trill to me Sweetly
WSR - The Vampire's Special Lover
KM - Breaking the Playboy's Curse
WSR - Freeing Demitri's Wolf
KM - Compromises for his Moose
KM - Ruffling the Peacock's Feathers
WSR - Soldier of Fortune's Downfall
APL - A Bite of Fulfillment
APL - Changing Owen's Mind
WSR - Just Lion Around
KM - Texas Longhorn Surprise
WSR - The Mountain Man's Mate
APL - Taming the Enforcer's Flirt
KM - Second Chance to Mate
WSR - Crashing the Comicom
APL - Removing the Gargoyle's Mask
KM - Unwrapping the Alpha's Mate
KM - Catting Around
APL - Calming A Demon Heart
WSR - The Wolf's Healing Touch
KM - Educating the Platypus
APL - Coaxing His Skittish Lynx
KM - Love on an Owl's Wing
WSR - Rehabilitating His Dingo
APL - Restitution From His Mate
WSR - Trusting His Rat
APL - Accepting Caladon's Scales
KM - Wooing His Wolf
WSR - Drawing Out His Wolf
KM - Soothing the Zebra's Fears
APL - The Goat Farmer's Guardian
WSR - The Vampire's Geek
ALN - A Nip of Good Cheer
WSR - Happy Furry New Year
APL - Hot-Blooded Alligator
ALN - A Rose for Paul's Protector
WSR - Paws for Change
APL - Tempting the Bear
ALN - An Unforgettable Bite
WSR - Driving Borscht Batty
ALN - More than Patient
ALN - Sharing a Demon's Bond
APL - Kort's Treasure
WSR - Pint-Sized Protector
ALN - Not a Line of Bull
WSR - Paws, Preening, & a Pumpkin Patch
ALN - Curling up with His Critter
WSR - Branding an Icy Heart
APL - Believing in the Traitor
WSR - Setting His Owl A-Twitter
APL - Claiming the Hunter
ALN - Pulling the Vampire's Braid
WSR - For the Love of a Wolf
ALN - Seducing His Reluctant Vampire
APL - Coercing Quinn
WSR - Needing the Vampire's Aggression
APL - The Gargoyle's Running Back
ALN - Learning the Dingo's Quirks
WSR - Swaying the Marine's Loyalty
WSR - Cracking the Big Lug's Shell
WSR - Hunting Season Hijinks
ALN - Vampires, Demons, & Priests, Oh my!
APL - The Gargoyle's Holiday Cheer
WSR - The Hated Finn
ALN - Taming War (Coming Soon)
APL - Finding His Freedom (Coming Soon)