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Come explore the worlds of gargoyles, shifters, and creatures of the paranormal!

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Securing the Jackal's Revenge
Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty-Two
Ranger Kinzington just wanted to help his brother, Yannis, out of a jam. To do that, he made a deal with the devil--his boss, Councilman Krakow. Everything goes to hell in a handbasket--fast--and he ends up on the wrong side of a huge pack of wolf shifters...and a demon! Taken to the pack house for questioning, Ranger just knows he's facing certain death. His terror is only exceeded by his sadness that his failure could also mean the death of his brother. To Ranger's shock, his interrogation and torture is interrupted by a stranger--a shifter claiming to be his mate--a shifter who isn't even a wolf. Ashton is an American kestrel shifter--a small raptor who's an alpha...  Read More

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The Nerd's Vampire
A Loving Nip: Book Fifteen
Raphael Corsair doesn't understand his brother's sudden desire to couple with some huge black guy. Still, staying with Giles at the Montana cattle ranch gives him the opportunity to escape from under his mother's thumb. Lenora Corsair is dominating and controlling, and Raphael would do anything to get away from her, even learn how to ride a horse and rope cows. To his surprise, the ranch's owners offers him an office position. The only disconcerting aspect of living at the ranch comes in the form of big, handsome Kase Corrocus. The cowboy makes no bones about the fact that he's interested in Raphael. Except, Raphael doesn't consider himself gay. Then why does his prick...  Read More

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A Bit O' Holiday Magick
A Wolves of Stone Ridge Holiday Short Story
Vince Marche hadn't planned to get injured. It was supposed to be a routine inspection, after all. Surely he can find a way to use it to his advantage, right? With a little ingenuity and a lot of help from friends, Vince strives to reassure his wolf shifter beloved, Frankie, and offer him the perfect Christmas present.    Read More

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Enticing his Navy Seal
Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty-Three
When a Shifter Council hearing proves corruption on the council, Councilman Regales Colearian takes it as a personal affront. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he handles all grievances himself. That includes going to Stone Ridge to meet the shifters impacted by the scientists the wolf pack has been fighting against. Once there, he runs across the last person he ever thought he'd meet--his mate, Armand 'Theodore' Conway--who happens to be a human male. Regales learns that Theo knows about paranormals, but has no interest in bonding with one. Theo is a navy seal and has seen so much depravity he feels tainted by it. Plus, Theo isn't gay. While Regales...  Read More

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Earning his Stallion's Trust
A Paranormal's Love: Book Twenty-One

Nolan had screwed up by hitting on the wrong human--a mated human. In his mind, it's just one more mistake in a long line of screw-ups. After years of hiding his sexuality, the wrong shifter spotted him with a guy in town. He'd been driven from his herd--earning a life-changing injury in the process. Nolan no longer has a sense of smell. Due to that, he hadn't been able to scent the humans in the area when he'd shifted to stretch his horse's legs. He'd been captured and tortured by psychotic humans for months. After over a month of living and recuperating...  Read More

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Floating with a Sea Cow
Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Two
Tyrone has walked--or swam--the Earth a lot of years. Working with dozens of other marine shifters at World of Aquatica finally brings him close to others that are sort of his kind--they're shifters, anyway. He works security, seeing as he can't be in an exhibit because, technically, his kind are supposed to be extinct. When he spots a skinny human shoplifting, he catches him...and realizes the man--Braylon--is his mate. Tyrone convinces his boss and alpha not to call the police. Instead, they give Braylon hours cleaning the park as a sort of community service.   Read More

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Warming Up to the Ice Dragon
Mile High City Short Story Collection
Stefan Renaldo's ski trip to Steamboat Springs was supposed to be a fun vacation with friends. Instead, he ends up alone and injured on the mountain. Even as Stefan fears he's going to die of exposure, he sees something that must surely be the product of his pain-addled mind. A dragon. He wakes in a warm bed and being cared for by Kazeem, a sexy recluse. Needing surgery on his leg, he can't stay. In the hospital, Stefan hears from his friends how crazy possessive and aggressive his rescuer is. While fleeing seems like a good idea, why can't he get the mountain man out of his mind?  Read an Excerpt

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Counting on a Crow's Wing
Kontra's Menagerie: Book Twenty-Two
Lord Elron Paxton is a fae prince--one of many. Bored with the never-ending politics of the Fae Court, he takes a dare to enter the human world. Elron gives his bodyguards the slip, finds a fun gay club, and prepares for a night of revelry. Unfortunately, Elron wakes in a dirty room crowded with other men. He finds himself stuck there for days, weighing the pros and cons of revealing his true nature to a number of humans--something against fae law--just to save himself. When a crow shifter appears outside the window, Elron hopes he's found an alternate way of saving not only himself, but those stuck...  Read More

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The Priest's Perspective
A Loving Nip: Book Fourteen
Giles Corsair joined the ranks of the Priests to fight demons. He thought he was destroying the spawn of the devil and stamping out evil. When he ends up captured by the creatures he was told are demons, he's in for a rude awakening. They're not demons. They're vampires. He learns demons are around...except they're not the spawns of Satan. They claim to have been created by the gods. Giles doesn't believe a word of it...until he sees a demon in the flesh. To his utter shock, Giles feels an unholy attraction to the beast. It calls itself Thanach and makes advances toward him, calling him...  Read More

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Tumbling Hair & Bread Crumbs
A Twisted Fairy Tale Story
Hansel Lorain has been close with his sister, Gretel, ever since escaping a witch when they were children. When she begins disappearing for hours at a time, he pressures her into telling him where she's going and why. To Hansel's surprise, Gretel is visiting a woman trapped in a tower. He leaves his sister to her friendship, but when she doesn't come home one evening, he fears he made the wrong decision. After all, who had trapped the woman in the first place? Heading to the tower to find Gretel, Hansel instead runs across Jory Marable...and the handsome man's blade. After a scuffle, Hansel is forced...  Read More

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The Screen Pass
Carry Me: Book Seven
Jake Lewis has been out and proud since high school, blessed with supportive and understanding--for the most part--family and friends. He's even managed to enjoy a few carnal experiences, but it's never been anything that's really flipped his switches. He craves a committed relationship like the one he sees his father and Vincent share. Starting his second year of college, Jake finds himself tired of having to keep his serial monogamist leanings on the down-low. He decides it's time to enjoy school activities other than football. Running across a broad-shouldered, cane-wielding, braid-sporting older black man, he realizes he's spotted someone who sets his picky libido on fire. He learns the guy's name is Devon Gateman, and much to his surprise, is the brother of...  Read More

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Seashells, Surf, & a Merman
Tales of the Briny Nix: Book Two

Kratos has always done his duty as a guard of Aquila City, a thriving city of mermen, with confidence and resolve. When several royals cause fracturing within the courts, he needs to pick a side. He's uncertain, until he realizes his decision to allow his old friend, Zark, to get away several moon cycles before made the decision for him. Kratos realizes he's a target...and he's not the only one. Sent on a mission to locate the lighthouse where Zarek is hiding out, Kratos runs across a massive human walking along the beach, searching for seashells. The man's name is Easton Ritton. One whiff of the hulking human's scent...  Read More