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Author of Erotic Romance - I mostly offer M/M romance stories, with the occasional M/F and menage thrown in.
Come explore the worlds of gargoyles, shifters, and creatures of the paranormal!
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Expected Release - October 1st

Soothing the Zebra's Fears
Kontra's Menagerie: Book Twenty

At nearly three centuries old, Diego Tamang decides to take a more proactive approach to finding his mate. He walks away from leading his pack, so he can travel with Kontra Belikov and his shifter motorcycle gang. His decision pays off when he walks into a backwater town's diner and scents his mate, Zachary Young. Quickly making his intentions clear, Diego wonders what will be harder to overcome, Zachary's young age, or his mother's clearly displeased attitude. It turns out, neither, for soon Diego discovers that Zachary's injury, which forces him to use a cane, may have been caused by witches...and Zachary doesn't know he's a shifter. Can Diego ease his young mate into the paranormal world while keeping him safe from those that would do him harm?  Read More

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Accepting Caladon's Scales
A Paranormal's Love: Book Nine

After seventeen years in captivity, Caladon O'Hara is finally rescued. The gargoyles weren't sent by his own family as they'd been looking for someone else. Still, his rescuers are helpful and friendly, aiding him in tracking down his son, Taolma. Upon seeing his son's face on the computer screen, Caladon goes into mild shock, overwhelmed upon seeing him as an adult for the first time.

Nurse Leroy Wilde works part time at the gargoyle's mansions. He handles daytime shifts since Perseus, the clutch's head doctor, has not yet mated and turns to stone during daylight hours. When he spots Caladon through a doorway, he's quickly smitten by the tall, handsome shifter. Still, Leroy keeps his distance. He'd tried dating an African American once before, and due to his family's bigotry...  Read More

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Drawing Out His Wolf
Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty-Five
Deke Sommers knows staying with his boyfriend is a bad idea. Michael enjoys menages just a little too much and often tries to get Deke to share someone with him. Deke is not interested. He gives Michael permission to occasionally enjoy them on his own as long as he's safe and honest about it. Unfortunately, that's not enough for Michael, and he surprises Deke by inviting a couple of friends to his apartment to play with him.
    Deke does the only thing he can...he flees. Calling up his life-long friend, Dirk, who is traveling with his vampire lover, Deke asks for help. Dirk tells him to meet him in Stone Ridge. There, Deke once again sees Luther Caldwell, a wolf shifter he met over lunch in Las Vegas months ago and hasn't been able to get out of his mind since. Except, Luther is straight, or in the closet, isn't he?   Read More

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For a Dragon's Forgiveness
Highland Dragons: Book Four
Ciendon McDoffrey just had his life turned upside down. Everything he thought he knew about himself and his brothers has been stripped away. While attempting to rob a dragon of its hoard, Ciendon learns he's been manipulated by his brother, Ronin, for years. His other brother, Thom, had never hated him. Thom even convinces his dragon lover, whom Ciendon had been trying to rob, to spare his life. Instead, as penance, Ciendon is assigned to a dragon named Paigon, who puts him to work tending livestock. Ciendond considers it a far lighter punishment than what he deserves, especially when he and Paigon discovers a mutual attraction which they quickly act upon. When Thom reveals that the Circle of Elders have...  Read More

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Three Point Tuck
Carry Me: Book Three
After injury forces Brendan Gateman to stop playing pro football, he falls back on his physical education and teaching degrees and begins coaching high school ball. Settling into a new town and hanging with his defensive coordinator, Dan Roper, Brendan finally feels like his life is back on track. His only regret is that the fear of losing not only his new life but his family forces him to remain deep in the closet. Still, he has two of the three things people always want out of life, and that's enough for him. At least, that's what he thinks until he meets paramedic Randy Coughlan. The out and proud man makes Brendan start rethinking his choices. When problems in Randy's life forces the man to make some tough choices, will Brendan's insecurities make him walk away? Or will he step up and become the man he never thought possible but always wanted to be?  Read More