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Come explore the worlds of gargoyles, shifters, and creatures of the paranormal!

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For a Dragon's Redemption
Highland Dragons: Book Five
Ross McCord will do anything to fulfill his mother's dying wish...protect family above all else. He does his best, keeping their sheep herd healthy and strong as he watches over his crippled father, Achaius, and his pretty, but dim sister, Skena. When Chieftain Goth notices Skena's beauty, he demands to use her as a bride-price to complete an alliance with a neighboring clan. Attempting to keep his sister from being heart-broken, Ross embarks on a dangerous mission to earn a boon from Chieftain Goth. He heads north in search of a secret way for his chieftain's warriors to attack the clan who took in Goth's son, Ian. Much to Ross's distress, he's captured by the brawny redhead, Ziethman. He expects to be killed for trespassing, but Ziethman offers a much more pleasurable...  Read More

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Paws for Change
Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty-Eight
Derek Sommers is fleeing a bad situation, made worse by foolish decisions from years before. He'd given into his father's demands once and it had cost him a relationship with his brother, Deke. When Derek's father demands he marry a certain woman or be looked over for a promotion, Derek has had enough. He decides to find out if Deke's partner was telling the truth and travels to Stone Ridge in hopes of repairing ties with Deke. Except, even from states away, Derek's father doesn't want to let him go.
    Dillan Shoreman travels to Stone Ridge to visit his godson, Edwin. When he nearly takes out a jay-walking human, he discovers the battered human is his mate. Having been alone a long time, Dillan thanks Fate's oddly timed blessing.  Read More

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A Rose for Paul's Protector
A Loving Nip: Book Two
A couple of months before, Jaymes Martinez--master of the Amarillo coven--received from Fate the best Christmas present possible. He discovered his beloved in the young human Paul Cosborn. Unfortunately, Paul was only seventeen at the time, so Jaymes returned home and did his best to focus on readying his coven for his beloved's arrival. Nearly two months later, Jaymes is ready to make his move. He convinces fellow vampire, Daystrum, who'd been keeping an eye on Paul for him, to bring him out to the ranch to visit. After one erotic encounter with Paul, and one oh-so-satisfying bite, his beloved is kidnapped. Can Jaymes track down his missing beloved in time for them both to enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day?   Read More

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Hot-Blooded Alligator
A Paranormal's Love: Book Eleven

Tristan has never been what someone would call a social guy. Like the alligator he shares his spirit with, he prefers being alone. Now, after enduring decades of forced isolation as an animal attraction in a curiosity show, Tristan is even more reclusive than ever. He lives mainly in animal form, swimming in teh large pond on the gargoyle's estate. When he helps kidnap his abuser, Bud Wallice, Tristan decides interrogating the bastard is a great reason to finally interact with others.
    Eventually, Bud is reported missing by his wife, and the trail leads to the gargoyle's estate. Tristan meets Detective Collin DeSoto...  Read More

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Happy Furry New Year
Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty-Seven
Rowen St. Paul has watched his friends find their mates for years, waiting patiently for Fate to give him his own. When Wesley O'Connor--a troubled eighteen-year old--is transferred to the school where Rowen teaches history, he's shocked to discover that the senior is his other half. While Rowen realizes quickly that Wesley returns his desire, he plans to keep his least, until the school year is over. All that changes when the young hooligan breaks into his home and messes with his computer. Rowen decides the teenager needs some guidance and is only too happy to donate his time. They begin a steamy affair with one rule...keep it off school grounds. Still, in a small town...  Read More

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Lifting Techniques
Carry Me: Book Four
Detective Ryan Straton is known as the happy-go-lucky playboy of the precinct, the consummate bachelor of the department. At a Halloween party, he enjoys admiring the eye-candy, including a lovely lady--who he learns is Doctor Morgan Pruitt--dressed as Marilyn Monroe. When Ryan stumbles across Morgan getting backed into a corner by a trio of men, he plays hero and rescues her. He's shocked to be offered a blowjob in thanks, but quickly gets on board when the woman proves just how adept she is with her hands...and her mouth.
    When the deed is done, Ryan discovers that Morgan isn't a woman, and he's just received the best blowjob of his life from a man...  Read More.

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For a Dragon's Forgiveness
Highland Dragons: Book Four
Ciendon McDoffrey just had his life turned upside down. Everything he thought he knew about himself and his brothers has been stripped away. While attempting to rob a dragon of its hoard, Ciendon learns he's been manipulated by his brother, Ronin, for years. His other brother, Thom, had never hated him. Thom even convinces his dragon lover, whom Ciendon had been trying to rob, to spare his life. Instead, as penance, Ciendon is assigned to a dragon named Paigon, who puts him to work tending livestock. Ciendond considers it a far lighter punishment than what he deserves, especially when he and Paigon discovers a mutual attraction which they quickly act upon. When Thom reveals that the Circle of Elders have...  Read More